Exams are important as not only do they give a pupil something to aim for they also give them a sense of achievement.  Many Schools do not enter exams, which in our opinion shows a school that is not serious about your Childs progress.

Roshe enter pupils when they are ready and do not wait or hold back a class as it is important that we respect their development and the pupils can progress at a rate they can cope with.

Every child is unique and we know best when to enter them. We have 3 Senior ISTD Examiners at Roshe so we know how best to nurture their talent and ability at the correct speed.

We do not give average age for each exam as Roshe pupils usually take an exam a year or more ahead of many other schools. Pupils are also entered for the correct Graded Exams and not Class Tests (except for Primary Modern/Tap).

Very few schools teach up to ADVANCED level as these are Professional Vocational Exams (VGE’s) and usually taught at full time College. Many schools only teach up to Intermediate so hold pupils back during their earlier Grades.

Most pupils at Roshe, once they are 16, are taking at least Advanced 1 in most subjects.

Graded Exams & VGE’s are available in:

ISTD Ballet: Primary up to Advanced 2

RAD Ballet: Inter-Foundation to Advanced 2

ISTD Modern: Primary up to Advanced 2

ISTD Tap: Primary up to Advanced 2

ISTD Jazz: Bronze, Silver, Gold Medals

ISTD Classical Greek: Primary up to Advanced 2

WIDA Irish: Grades 1 upwards

ISTD Contemporary: Inter-Foundation & Intermediate (the only exams available)

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