At Roshe we love dance and theatre arts.  In fact, it’s our passion!  We have been successfully training students for the Performing Arts and as just a hobby for over 60 years.  The Arts is a disciplined environment and although we take the training of all the students very seriously and employ the highest quality teachers, we do not sway far from why the pupils are here for fun end enjoyment.

Roshe is an exciting school with always something going on and we believe that we offer the best training in the area, we have an outstanding proven track record of success. All of this has enabled us to earn an unrivalled reputation in the industry for our training and standards and made us one of the foremost Performing Arts Schools in the Country. 

If you would like your child to commence at Roshe please complete online registration (link below) and the one-off registration fee of £35/Child.  Once we receive the form your child will be registered, and we will send you out a Bill and further information for the forthcoming term.  We also hold stock of all the dance uniform required and can send out a uniform leaflet if required.

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